Lake Allatoona Fishing Report – November 2018

GON Staff | October 30, 2018

Allatoona: Level: 5.9 feet low. Temp: 71 degrees. Clarity: Slight stain.

Bass: Tournament angler Matt Driver reports, “November is an amazing month on Lake Allatoona. Water temps are falling, and the lake has finished turning over, and the fish are feeding up. There has been a good bit of surface activity and a mixed bag of spots, largemouth and linesides. Even though fish are busting on the surface and can be caught on topwater all day, it is most productive until around 10 a.m. Baits like the Whopper Plopper and Zara Spook work best. Long casts and boat placement are the keys. I mix the baits up between topwater and jerkbaits. Jerkbaits are very productive this time of year. If that style fishing isn’t working, I move to a Picasso jig or a Picasso Ned rig and a Roboworm Ned Worm in Aaron’s magic color. Remember on the full moon there is a crawfish hatch. Look for areas with big rock, and work the bait slow for best results. Best areas are around Iron Hill to Illinois Creek. Have fun, and remember to fish with a partner in the winter. Hyperthermia can kill if you fall in.”

Linesides: Guide Robert Eidson reports, “Fishing is good and getting better. The fall bite is starting to heat up. The north end of the lake is still producing some nice stripers and good numbers of white bass. The bigger stripers are eating gizzard shad fished on planer boards and freelines right at sunup and again at sundown. Look for these fish from Little River up to Fields Landing and as far south as Kelloggs. The hybrids and white bass are really starting to school and blowing up all over the lake right now. We have seen some big schools breaking the surface from the dam to the S-turns. These busting fish will eat almost anything you throw at them. When these fish go down, they will still bite threadfins and small gizzards fished on downlines, as well as spoons. Bigger bait is the key to catch these bigger fish. Striper Soup has plenty of fresh shad of all sizes in stock. The seagulls are starting to show up and will make finding the fish a little easier in the upcoming months. Keep pulling your Mack Farr u-rigs 60 to 120 feet behind the boat at speeds between 2.4-3.1 mph.”

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