Lake Allatoona Fishing Report – March 2022

GON Staff | February 24, 2022

Allatoona: Level: 9.6 feet below 840. Temp: 48-52 degrees. Clarity: Stained.

Bass: Tournament angler Matt Driver reports, “Fishing in the month of March is extremely good. This is the month when you have the best chance of catching a trophy fish on Lake Allatoona. This month fish are migrating toward spawning areas and will actually begin the spawning process very late in the month. This month is a turn-and-burn month. In March, I am throwing shallow-running squarebill crankbaits, lipless crankbaits and ChatterBaits most of the time. Later in the month, I will begin to use slower-moving bottom baits, such as the Ned rig and Carolina rig. The best areas to begin the month with are main-lake points and secondary points. Later in the month, you will see more activity toward the backs of the creeks and pockets. For the month of March, Illinois Creek, Sweetwater Creek and the mouth of Little River have been really productive.”

Linesides: Guide Robert Eidson, of First Bite Guide Service, reports, “Fair. The cold weather has triggered the start of a shad kill. This kill doesn’t seem to be as big as the one three years ago yet. The good news is it hit quick and should be a shorter kill than we have seen in past years. There is still a bite out there but nothing like we had back in January. We are catching fish on many different techniques. Early in the morning we are doing well using shad on planer boards, freelines and even downlines. By 9:30 a.m., the live-bait bite really slows down. This is when you want to swap over to your u-rigs. The u-rig bite is the strongest bite going right now. I have been doing very well pulling my rigs between 9:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. in the mid-lake. The key to catching these fish is your speed, 2.5 miles per hour has been the best for me. The shad kill will make fishing a little difficult for the next couple of weeks, but it should really make for a great spring.”

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