Lake Allatoona Fishing Report – March 2019

GON Staff | February 26, 2019

Allatoona: Level: The lake has come up close to 14 feet in the last two weeks and is now 2 feet above full pool and rising. Temp: 52 degrees. Clarity: It is rolling mud on the north end and on the far south end. The better water is in between Bartow Carver and Iron Hill.

Bass: Tournament angler Matt Driver reports, “Fishing is good, despite the heavy rain and continuously rising water. There is lots of debris floating, so be careful. Fish are shallow, and I don’t see much of a change this month if temps stay moderate. Spinnerbaits and blade baits are working great. The Picasso Shock Blade in brown and orange is one of the best things going this month. Cover lots of water shallow and around brush and debris. Fish will be in transition over the next month and moving farther back in the creek and pockets. The Picasso School E Rig is also bringing in good numbers, but it can be difficult with as much debris is in the water. This bait works best in the 8- to 12-foot range. Make long casts and a slow retrieve just off the bottom. The jerkbait is also a hot item. A moderate retrieve with a Spro McStick or Strike King KVD J200 in shad patterns works best. I fish the jerkbait on 8-lb. Sunline Sniper with a medium 6-6 rod. Illinois Creek, Bartow Carver and Little River are producing well and will only get better as the month goes on.”

Linesides: Guide Robert Eidson reports, “With all of this rain, you would think the bite would be nonexistent, but that isn’t the case this year. The bite is still good, and I contribute that to the water temperatures. Shad and shiners are the ticket right now. Fish freelines and planer boards early. The key isn’t what creek you’re in, but finding clearer water is a must.”

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