Lake Allatoona Fishing Report June 2013

GON Staff | May 29, 2013

Allatoona: Level: 2.3 feet above full pool. Temp: 67-71 degrees. Clarity: Clear to stained in the river.

Very good. Tournament angler Matt Driver reports, “The month of June starts off great with an awesome topwater bite, and all the spawning blues are over and done with, and the fish feed good. Later in the month, expect it to get a little tougher due to the bass being in transition to summer hideouts. Start the morning before daylight with topwater. Buzzbaits paralleled on bluff walls and walker-type baits like the Spro Dawg, Zara Super Spook and a Bomber Badonk-A-Donk work the best for spots and hybrids, and white bass will mix in. After the sun starts to come up, try shady areas with a popper-type bait like the Spro Hydro Pop. Look for small bream in the area. Bass will be around to feed on them, so sunfish-color poppers work best. There is also a swimbait bite as well. The bites are less, but the size is good when you get bit. As the days go on, drop shots and jig-head finesse worms like the Big Bite Squirrel Tail Worm are good for numbers. Fish are not quite in the brush fully, but it won’t be long. Points, ditches and bluffs in the mid and upper lake are best. For you river rats, there is a frog bite in the grass in the river and a good chance at a largemouth. The night bite will get better as we get later in the month. Be safe. Ski and pleasure boaters are more active now that school is out.”

Good. Guide Robert Eidson reports, “The lake is still out of its banks but is going down quickly. The spawn run up the rivers is almost over. The fish are moving back down to the main lake and are feeding up after a very strong spring spawn run. The flats at the Delta on the north end of the lake are heating up along with the S-turns. There is also a decent bite going on mid lake half a mile north and south of Galts Ferry and another bite of the south end of the lake from Iron Hill to Clarks Creek. Our best bite has been on threadfin shad fished on downlines and freelines. The mouths of the main-lake creeks have been producing best for us. Main-lake points and humps are also holding some decent schools of hybrids. These schools of fish are big. When they pass under your boat, your Lowrance will light up like a Christmas tree. This bite will only get stronger as we go into summer. Now is the time to load your boat with hybrids. Trolling has been very good for me. I have been pulling Mack Farr u-rigs 50 to 70 feet behind the boat and have had as many as five on at a time. The trolling bite is really starting to heat up and will only get better as we enter summer.”

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