Lake Allatoona Fishing Report January 2016

GON Staff | December 22, 2015

Allatoona: Level: 15.9 feet low. Temp.: 56-59 degrees. Clarity: 5 to 7 feet.

Bass: Good. Tournament angler Matt Driver reports, “With the weird winter we’ve had the fishing patters are about a month behind this January. Typically the water is several degrees colder, but the lake right now is fishing more like November. There is still a strong jig bite. Fishing a Kacy’s Kustom 3/8-oz. bluegill fire or a Kustom Kicker Dock Monkey on primary points is producing good bags of fish. Fish a 7-2 Cashion medium-heavy jig rod and 14-lb. Sunline fluorocarbon line with a Big Bite twin-tail trailer. As the water temperature drops into the low 50s and 40s, we will see an increase in the Float-n-Fly bite. Up until now, we really haven’t seen a good jerkbait bite, but that is about to change. Primary and secondary points from Galts Ferry to just above Little River are setting up to be on for the Spro McStick jerkbait. Also, fish the Alabama Rig with Big Bite Baits 3.5-inch Cane Thumpers. Watch your graph for baitfish to begin to ball up tightly as water temperatures drop past the low 50s. You will know that it is time when you start to see this. Have fun, and be safe. Never fish alone in the winter. Hypothermia is a killer.”

Linesides: Very good. Guide Robert Eidson reports, “The bite this past December has been the best December bite we have seen in years. If the above normal temperatures continue, I expect January to be just as good. The big fish have migrated out of the rivers and into the main lake. The north end of the lake from Fields Landing to Little River has produced some really nice fish lately. These fish are feeding on big baits. If you’re patient and willing to pull big bites, you will get bit. Large to jumbo sized gizzard shad fished on planer boards and freelines on the north end is your best bet for a monster fish. If you’re looking for numbers, mid lake is where you want to be this time of year. Small gizzard shad, threadfins and small trout fished on planer boards, freelines and downlines just off the river channel from Kellogg’s to Iron Hill has been very good to our boats. If you find the fish stacked up on the flats (Galts to Kellogg’s), it’s hard to beat a 1/2-oz. all-white Flex-it spoon. These same fish will also eat an umbrella rig. I am using a Mack Farr three-arm fully loaded and pulling it 80 feet behind the boat. This allows me to fish water that is less than 15 feet deep. This has been working really well midday. As we enter into the month of January, look for the bait to start moving south. By the end of the month, look for the Allatoona Creek arm to start to heat up.”

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