Lake Allatoona Fishing Report December 2016

GON Staff | November 22, 2016

Allatoona: Level: 7.1 feet low. Temp: 64 degrees. Clarity: Clear.

Bass: Tournament angler Matt Driver reports, “The month of December is good for fishing, even though it can be two-faced due to weather/cold fronts. Typically the month starts off on fire, and if the weather starts to get cold at the end, it can slow fishing somewhat. The first of the month is still good for schooling fish, and the crankbait bite is still good. As the water cools this month, we will see an increase in activity on the Float-n-Fly rig as well as the A-rig. During these times, the fish tend to suspend in 9 to 15 feet of water over depths of 30-plus feet deep. We will also see fish start to hug the bottom once temperatures drop into the high 40s. Take advantage of the month of December because January can get really, really slow if we have extreme cold temperatures. Something else to remember is that the jig bite never really goes away on Allatoona. So if all else fails, the jig is your go-to bait in the wintertime. Typically, the Kacy’s Kustom 3/8-oz. brown jig is a great all-around color and size for Allatoona.”

Linesides: Good. Guide Robert Eidson reports, “Normally the full moon phase will kill the fishing, but this wasn’t the case with the super moon. It actually triggered the bite. The schools that have had lockjaw for the last five weeks have decided it’s time to feed and will eat almost anything. Shad, trout, shiners and small bream fished on downlines, freelines and planer boards will all get you bit right now. The bite is nothing like it is in the summertime, but compared to the last two months, it is on fire. The best fishing has been from the mid lake and north, but I bet there is a good bite on the south end, as well. This bite is running about four weeks late due to the warm weather. The umbrella rig bite is probably the best over all other bites, but look for these fish to be on the smaller size. I have been pulling my rigs 75 to 80 feet behind the boat over a 16- to 20-foot bottom. These fish are on the move, so make sure you cover a lot of water. The topwater bite is good. The fishing is fixing to break wide open.”

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