Georgia Saltwater Fishing Report March 2011

GON Staff | February 23, 2011

Saltwater: Inshore: Capt. Bob Barnette reports the water temp is up to 55 degrees. “The redfish, or spot-tail bass, are schooled and are biting. The tides should be great the first half of March, and it should not be hard to have a great day. I would use the plastics. Screwtail grubs, Jerk Shads and the Gulp line of baits are great. The water is clear, and the sheepshead are eating in the nearshore reefs. You can also find them in and around some of the older dock piles. Fiddlers are the bait of choice, but you can also catch them on oysters and clams.” Capt. Judy Helmey said, “March is the month all fishermen and fish have been waiting for. Inshore fishermen can expect the cold redfish bite to thaw and the fish to become less stealthy. Fishermen can count on Berkley Gulp baits — jerk-style with forked tail— rigged weedless, to work when casting and retrieving in and around shallow areas with structure such as oysters and grass pods. Color of baits used should be determined by color of water. Clear water, light-colored baits. When the water temperature reaches 65 degrees, everything is alive. This means once the redfish bite ends for the day, fishermen can give plain old bottom fishing in the sound near the mud flats for whiting a try. The best bait is going to be small pieces of shrimp laced onto small hooks. It’s a lot of fun, and bull whiting are sometimes bigger than you think and are lots of fun on light tackle.”

March will be very good for big sheepshead and black drum, according to Capt. Judy Helmey. “Sheepshead and black drum are bulking up by feeding heavily so they will be ready to migrate back inshore. Best baits are purple-back fiddlers, raw oyster, clam strips and green mussels. Please remember, when targeting fish listed in the snapper grouper species, new regulations are you must use circle hooks only! Best offshore circle hooks for sheepshead and others are Eagle Claw Lazer sharp L-197 G series, and the best sizes are No. 1, No. 2 and 2/0. Gulf Stream fishing can be interesting. The trolling for tuna, dolphin, wahoo and mako shark is on and will only get better.”

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