Georgia Saltwater Fishing Report April 2012

GON Staff | March 28, 2012

Saltwater: Inshore: Good, according to Capt. Judy Helmey. “April fishing brings fishermen closer to the act of catching. Bait shops should start to catch and carry live shrimp, which is the bait that gets the attention of all fish. With live shrimp in the well, traditional adjustable floats from large to small and popping corks are going to be your best bet for not only finding but catching fish. If a redfish, spotted sea trout or flounder gets close to this bait, they will eat it. Another way to present live shrimp is to just fish naked—meaning light leader, small split shot and small hook. All you need to do is hook your shrimp up under the horn and cast into place. The shrimp goes where it thinks it’s safe, which is just about where the fish is in waiting. Whatever you do, don’t forget you dip net or your camera!”

Good. “Fishermen can finally break the nearshore barriers and head out to the Savannah Snapper Banks, which is about 35 miles. Bottom fishing for vermilion snapper white grunt, triggerfish, amberjack, red porgy, white bone, etc. can be caught with cut fish and squid. All you need is a rig that will take you to the bottom, and catching will happen. For the fishermen that seek bluewater status, this would be the time to make that happen. For tuna, dolphin, wahoo, mako shark and bill fish the 70-mile run is definitely worth it. For bait I suggest single-hooked-rigged ballyhoo and cedar plugs. Another option when going deep is to give bottom fishing a try. With small pieces of squid, you catch football vermilion, mega triggerfish, sand tile, knobbed porgy and fish not even listed in the identification booklet. All fishermen when targeting the snapper grouper species have to use circle hooks. It’s the law! Here’s the good news… all you have to do is to get your bait to the bottom, fish will eat it, try to swim off and fish will be hooked up! Game fish on!”

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