Clarks Hill Lake Fishing Report – September 2023

GON Staff | August 30, 2023

Clarks Hill: Level: 3.2 feet below 330. Temp: Low 90s. Clarity: Clear over most of the lake.

Bass: D.J. Hadden with Hadden Outdoors reports that September is setting up to be a fun month. Watch for surface-feeding fish anywhere and anytime every day. With the lake down 3 feet and dropping, fish should pull out to main-lake points and shoals and start their fall schooling season. Catch surface feeding fish on walking baits, like a Sammy, Spook and Gunfish in chrome or other shad colors. Follow up with a white fluke or soft swimbait that matches the bait size. Focus on cover like brush and rocks from 10 to 40 feet deep. Cane and brushpiles will hold fish all day. Fish a chrome ARK TB-115 Topwater Blower or the ARK Sidewinder Topwater Blower over the brush and follow up with a fluke or chrome jerkbait. If you want to go after a really big bite, tie on a CAST  Fishing Co. OG 20 or OG 30 in black pearl chrome or herring on shoals over brush and cane. Up the rivers, cast buzzbaits and popping topwater baits around any shoreline wood and other cover. These fish are probably feeding on bluegill, so try baits that match their colors. For more on fishing gear and apparel at Hadden Outdoors, go to the Hadden Outdoors Facebook Page.

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