Clarks Hill Fishing Report September 2011

GON Staff | August 31, 2011

Clarks Hill: Level: 6.2 feet below full pool. Temp: 85 degrees. Clarity: Clear.

Look for largemouths on the lowering end of the lake to be chasing threadfins. Bass can be caught on smaller topwater plugs, like Chug Bugs, Spook Jr. and Sammys. The most consistent bite should be found along the main river and creek mouths. Bass will still be caught on the main-lake humps, but the average size should increase as the month continues. A buzzbait around these humps can be a good way to catch a quality fish early in the morning. Of course, a shaky head on the deeper sides of the humps and points will be a way to fill a limit. Look for that bite in 20-30 feet of water. The water is super clear, so use a fluorocarbon line.

Good. William Sasser reports, “September this year on Clarks Hill is gonna be a great fishing month. Hybrids are already starting to school. We are catching fish on weightless flukes and Thing Poppers. Most of the fish are 2 to 4 pounds, with all of the larger fish coming on herring fishing below the schooling fish. Smaller largemouths are also mixed in these schools. Most of the fish are being caught within a 3-mile vicinity of the dam. The oxygen system installed in Clarks Hill out from Modoc is very evident to see when it is running. Ninety percent of our fish in September come on live herring fished 30 feet down off of main-lake points.”

Crappie: Good. William said in September the fish will move back in creeks all over the lake. Most of our fishing will be on small shiners fished 20 to 30 feet deep over trees in the back of main tributaries,” William said. “Germany, Lloyds, Greys and Cherokee creeks are where we will fish. Pulling jigs in South Carolina Little River will also start this month. Crappie Country jigs is what we use, but be careful because hybrids like them also.”

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