Clarks Hill Fishing Report – March 2008

GON Staff | February 27, 2008

Clarks Hill: Level: 12.0 feet below full pool. Temperature: 52-56 degrees. Clarity: Upper tributaries are muddy after recent rains, but the dam area has good color.

Bass: Bass are going into the backs of the creeks, ditches and cuts, according to Bill Crompton. “Keep on the lookout for schooling fish in the backs feeding on small minnows,” said Bill. “This is a great time to throw the Daiwa TD Minnow, Rattlin’ Rogue, No. 5 and No. 7 Shad Raps, RM70 Owner bait and a Pointer Minnow. Remember to change out the factory hooks to good quality hooks. You could lose a fish of a lifetime if your hook breaks or bends. Mustad Triple Grips are great hooks and come in all sizes. A Buckeye Mop Jig in brown or green pumpkin with a Gary Yamamoto Fat Baby crawfish trailer in green pumpkin helped me catch my big fish for the day. March is a great month for fishing. Big fish are coming out from the deep water and looking for places to spawn.”

Good. Guide Capt. William Sasser said March will find him fishing between the dam and Germany Creek. “We’ll mainly be pulling planers with herring across the main points of the lake for big fish,” said William. “With the lake as low as it is, the hydrilla in the lake makes planer fishing a little tricky. Freelining baits around the dam in deep water is also great in March. Just be patient for large fish. Most of the schools of fish are from the surface to 30 feet deep, so umbrella rigs work well in covering water to locate fish.” Guide Capt. Dave Willard said the fishing has been pretty typical for February when water temperature is always critical. “A dozen fish right now is a good day, but some of those can be in the 20- to 30-lb. range,” said Dave. “We have been struggling with the wind in the last few days. Later on, when we are fishing straight down and can anchor, the wind is not a problem. However, trying to pull planers with a 3-foot chop is really tough. My good friend and fellow guide Mark Crawford and I went looking for some trophy fish for our clients. We pulled big baits in Little River Carolina, Buffalo Creek, Soap Creek and Baker Creek. We had a great day, although we didn’t land anything really big. I highly recommend these areas in the next few weeks. March is just right around the corner, and as the water temperature rises the fish activity will increase.”

Excellent. William Sasser will fish Germany, Lloyds, Greys and Cherokee creeks this month. “Most of our March fishing will be on brushpiles from 10 to 40 feet deep using live small shiners on a No. 1 Aberdeen hook and a No. 5 split shot a foot above,” said William. “The large slabs will come out of the deeper water on the bottom. This year with the water so low we’ll pull and push jigs in the backs of the larger creeks concentrating on keeping the jigs in the creek channels in 5 to 20 feet of water.

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