Clarks Hill Fishing Report – June 2010

GON Staff | May 26, 2010

Clarks Hill: Level: 2.3 feet below full pool. Temp: 78 degrees. Clarity: Clear.

Bass: Bill Harvey said the BASS Elite Series pros struggled at the Clarks Hill tournament. Fishing just isn’t that good, he said. “There’s some topwater early, with a Pop-R or Gunfish, and a Fluke, obviously,” said Bill. “It’ll last maybe 40 minutes. If you decide to fish in the day, jump from shoals to primary and secondary points and throw a jig or drag plastic.” Bill said the bluebacks didn’t spawn in the normal places this year. He found some at the rip-rap on the dam, but the hybrids had them covered up. He made one pass down the South Carolina side and caught 37. “It was every cast. And they’re still there,” he said. “Nobody is fishing for them.” Traditional areas like blow-throughs and points didn’t have the normal blueback spawning activity this spring. During the day or at night, work points and shoals with a magnum Zoom finesse worm on a 5/8-oz. Spot Remover. Bill likes green pumpkin. He’ll also draw a Trick Worm on a Carolina rig. He’ll dip the tail of the green-pumpkin worm in chartreuse dye. Right now it’s taking 13 to 17 pounds to win a tournament. Bill said he’s had 9 or 10 pounds fishing a shaky-head Trick Worm to the sides of docks. Look in Modoc or Keg Creek for this bite.

Linesides: Capt. William Sasser said, “June is one of my favorite months on Clarks Hill. We will fish main-lake points in 20 to 50 feet of water with live herring on downrods. This year there will still be a topwater bite on blow-throughs on the lower end of the lake early and late in the day. Freelining herring or throwing Sammys will work.”

William said to fish brushpiles. “June is also one of my favorite months to fish jigs off of the Little River channel on the flats in Georgia. GPS coordinates are in the January issue of GON. They will work this month, too. The 378 bridge at night will also work.”

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