Clarks Hill Fishing Report – January 2008

GON Staff | January 3, 2008

Clarks Hill: Level: 13.3 feet below full pool. The following ramps are among those still open: Amity, Cherokee, Lake Springs, Clarks Hill Park, Parksville, Plum Branch, Dorn, Wildwood, Modoc’s and Elijah Clark. Temp: 50-55 degrees. Look for temps to drop into the 47-50 range by late January. Clarity: Stained to clear.

Bass: Fishing has been good, and it will get better, according to guide Ron Figueroa. “Blade-type baits work well in deep ditches around concentrations of deep fish,” said Ron. “Look in Church Cove and Modoc.” Buckeye Lures makes a blade bait that Ron likes. “It’s a flat piece of metal with a leadhead on it,” said Ron. “I like a 1/2-oz. bait in blue. Just rip it, and let it drop. You can also jig it straight up and down. It’s a good bait around concentrations of fish.” He’ll also work a 1/8-oz. Buckeye Lures spinnerbait in blue-glimmer. “You want to work it quick,” said Ron. “Even though you’re fishing in deep water, you want to work it 1 to 2 feet under the water. They’ll come up for that. The only bad thing is when you get into a ditch that has stripers.” Also have a 1/4-oz. Buckeye Lures Jighead with a white grub. Throw this bait down a ditch, and yo-yo it back to the boat. Ron suggested Mimms Cove, Keg Creek, Grays Creek and Bussey Point as good areas to look. “But don’t forget the No. 1 big-fish getter, a jig ’n pig,” said Ron. “Hit laydowns, brushpiles and grass edges in the back of coves. There are some largemouths always shallow on this lake. If the water is muddy, have rattles on your jig.” Ron likes a green-pumpkin jig with a green-pumpkin trailer.

Good. “January stripers on Clarks Hill require a little patience, but the rewards are huge,” said guide Capt. William Sasser. “We’ll fish mostly in the upper ends of the lake. If you find the bait, the fish won’t be far. We’ll pull planer boards with herring and shad in the little tributaries and downlines in the mouths of creeks. Always throw flukes or shallow-running baits while you’re pulling planers. It seems to put a few more fish in the boat. Raysville and Soap Creek are great places to start.” Guide Capt. Dave Willard said he likes to see water temps in the upper 50s to low 60s. “The low 50s can cause a slow down, especially in conjunction with a cold front,” said Dave. “Live herring freelined behind corks and planer boards is a good technique. Fish in 3 to 5 feet of water early and late. Crankbaits can also produce some nice fish. Cast to the bank. Watch for the birds this time of year, and get into huge schools below the surface.” Dave likes both Little Rivers, Raysville, Buffalo Creek and from Parksville to the dam. For more on striper fishing, turn to page 72.

Pull jigs in tributaries off the main lake this month. “Soap Creek, South Carolina Little River, Holiday Park are good places,” said William. “The crappie will congregate in groups and feed on baitfish early in the mornings. I always tip my jigs with small minnows this time of year. Try to stay in creeks with a lot of baitfish and surface activity.”

Yellow Perch and Bream: Just below the Clarks Hill dam, try Beetle Spins, minnows and worms.

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