Carters Lake Fishing Report September 2013

GON Staff | August 28, 2013

Carters: Level: 0.1 feet above full pool. Temp: 80 degrees. Clarity: Clear; 8-foot visibility.

Bass: Good. Guide Louie Bartenfield reports, “The bite is good despite this crazy weather. We’re still able to count the number of 90-plus degree days on one hand. It’s raining every other day, but the fish are where they would normally be in August. Look 20 to 30 feet deep in brush, on points and humps. Basically anything off the bank that would normally hold fish has them right now. As we move into September, look for these fish to start moving up and off the bottom. They’ll be starting to roam more chasing schools of small threadfin and herring. September is a tough month to fish Carters, but we usually get a good crankbait bite as well as jerkbaits and topwater. I like to start each morning with walking lures, like a Strike King Sexy Dawg Jr. Later I’ll switch to a Series 4 crankbait and cover water, and the more windy the better the bite will be. The key to fall fishing at Carters is to hit as many areas as possible when conditions are prime. Whether you’re fishing early or late, just cover water this month. If you’re struggling, pick up a 3/16- or 1/4-oz. Spotsticker Jighead and a Big Bite Shaking Squirrel, and drag it around some steep rock.”

Good. Guide Eric Crowley reports, “The cooler summer temps have done wonders for Carters year. The stripers and hybrids have remained relatively shallow and willing to feed on schedule. Early mornings have been best fishing in the creeks as well as on the humps. Live alewife and threadfin shad have been the bait of choice, although some reports of fish being caught on gizzards have been heard as of late. The key is having it fresh and lively. Fishing downlines from 22 to 45 feet is a great place to start until you find what depth the fish are holding in. We have switched to 12-lb. fluorocarbon and small 1/0 to 2/0 hooks even on our big baits. This has gotten us more strikes and a better hook-up ratio in the past few weeks. Most of the creek arms are holding fish as well as the area around the river mouth on both sides of the island.”

Fair. Eric reports, “The walleye are in the same areas near the ramps but have moved out to 50 and 60 feet of water. Small jigs tipped with minnows or small threadfins will work best. The strongest bite has been from 2 a.m. until dawn.”

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