Carters Lake Fishing Report – October 2022

GON Staff | September 29, 2022

Carters: Level: 1 foot below 1074. Temp: 75 degrees. Clarity: 7 feet.

Walleye: Guide Eric Crowley, of Lake and Stream Guide Service, reports, “Early turnover last month has the fish set up in an early fall pattern. This means the walleye are headed for the shallowest water they’ve been in since June. Look on 50- to 60-foot humps and big points. The bait is grouped in giant schools on the main lake, and the fish are just waiting to feed as these schools pass over head. Low-light conditions are prime feeding times for these fish, so early and late in the day are times to focus on. Look for fish on the bottom or just off the bottom under these bait balls and drop spoons. Some days they want a small, heavy spoon, like a Krocodile spoon, where some days they only seem to want Flutter spoons. It will vary from 2-inch spoons to 8-inch Parker spoons, and color preference varies from chrome to gold, depending on what kind of water you’re in that day. You’ll have to hit them in the face because that’s what it can take to trigger the bite because of the abundance of bait in the lake. This is a great time of year to catch some real quality fish. Average fish have been 22 inches and some bigger ones mixed in up to 25 inches have been caught on the spoons.”

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Stripers: Guide Eric Crowley reports, “The striper bite has picked up considerably since the temps dropped. The fish are feeding 35 to 50 feet deep in the creek arms chasing schools of threadfins and alewives at daybreak as the bait makes a run for deeper water. Live fresh shad or alewives are always a great option and typically the bigger the better. Umbrella rigs and bucktails are still an option fished about 3 mph, as well as the same spoons mentioned above.”

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