Carters Lake Fishing Report October 2015

GON Staff | September 30, 2015

Carters: Level: 0.3 feet below full pool. Temp: 75 degrees. Clarity: 2 feet.

Bass: Guide Eric Crowley reports, “The spotted bass bite has been pretty predictable as the fish are eager to eat. Look in the 15- to 30-foot range on the banks with shallow structure. The bigger fish seem to be just off the rocks or trees waiting on the bait to pass by. Look for these patterns to change by the end of the month when the temps start to drop and the surface temps cool off a bit.”

Stripers: Guide Eric Crowley reports, “Striper fishing is still typical for late summer at the time of this report. The fish are mostly deep and pretty lethargic. Some fish are being caught in the 30- to 60-foot range down the lake in the early morning and right before dark. Downline herring, shad or shiners on 10- to 14-lb. test, and stagger them about 10 feet apart. Small hooks and light sinkers will also help the stealthiness of your presentation.”

Walleye: Eric reports, “The walleye have moved down in the 40- to 60-foot range on the main lake and are holding in the trees during the day. If you want to catch walleye, the best bet is at night with live bait. Target the areas adjacent to submerged timber near the main lake as well as the deeper sides of the shallow-water markers near Doll Mountain and Worley Creek. On the full moon, you will be able to target them a bit shallower as they tend to pull up in the moon light. October is a good time to pull out the jigging spoons and really work the fish you mark on the sonar. I always keep one tied on, either gold or silver.”

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