Carters Lake Fishing Report – October 2009

GON Staff | September 29, 2009

Carters: Level: 7.6 feet above full pool. Temp: 76 degrees and falling. Clarity: The main body of the lake is still clear, but there’s a light stain up the river.

Wayman Ledford said when the water temperatures gets around 70 degrees, the fish will start hitting spinnerbaits and crankbaits. By the time this issue hits mailboxes, it’ll likely be getting very close with all the new water and predicted cooler temperatures. Look for bass to leave the main-lake points, stack up on secondary points and then make a final push to the backs of the pockets and creeks as they spend October on a shad run. On bright, sunny days try a 3/8- to 1/2-oz. spinnerbait with a white skirt and silver, willowleaf blades. When it’s overcast, try the same size bait with a chartreuse skirt and gold blades. Have your favorite crankbait tied on, as long as it runs 4 or 5 feet and is chartreuse with a blue back. On sunny days, key on wood. When it’s overcast, run the banks. The bite will be as shallow as a foot this month.

Linesides: Very good. “They’re starting to break topwater down around Woodring and the mouth of Fisher Creek,” said guide Robert Eidson. “That area seems to be holding the most fish right now. A blue-and-chrome Red Fin works great, and if you can get close enough you can catch some on a fluke. When they go down, fish where the channels of Fisher and Woodring meet the river channel and drop your baits 40 feet down. If they’re pumping water, the bite is real good, and also when it’s overcast.” Guide Eric Crowley said Carters is great in the fall. “The stripers will be pulling up into a little more shallow water as it cools, so look for them anywhere from 2 to 30 feet when pulling baits. Gizzard shad and rainbow trout are the best choices this time of year, with the larger baits getting the attention of the bigger fish. The best-sized baits are 6 inches and up,” Eric said. “Worley Creek, Ridgeway, Doll Mountain and the area around the big beach are all good places to fish as the water temperature drops. Look for shad and stripers at creek mouths, secondary points and the very back portions of coves. Flatlines, both with or without a split shot, balloons and planer boards will be the go-to setups. Always keep a few downlines out on this deep lake.” Eric said to also have green and white bucktails and 6-inch jerkbaits ready to cast to busting fish. “Overcast days will extend the morning bite well into the day, before having to switch to downlines,” he said.

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