Carters Lake Fishing Report – November 2023

GON Staff | October 25, 2023

Carters: Level: 0.6 feet below 1074. Temp: 58-60 degrees. Clarity: 5+ feet.

Bass: Guide Louie Bartenfield with Carters Lake Guide Service reports, “November is the month when fish start to show up regularly in wintering areas. Look for fish in ditches in the 15- to 35-foot range. Those places will get better and better all month. Fish them with underspins, football jigs and drop shots. Brush and timber in the mouths of the ditches will hold fish the best. Bait balls in the area means fish are more likely to be nearby. Underspins and jigging spoons are good baits to fish under bait balls in open water when you find them. Work those baits just under the bait balls, even if far off the bottom.”

Stripers: Guide Eric Crowley of Lake And Stream Guide Service reports, “Carters in November is the start of fall fishing. The lake has turned over and the water has pretty much stabilized as far as temp goes. The cooler surface temps and better oxygen will have the fish fired up. The stripers and hybrids will pull up a bit shallower this month, and this makes them good targets for live bait, artificial and trolling options. It’s hard to beat fresh-caught bait for striped fish, but the big spoons can be just as productive. The 6.5-inch Parker spoon in shattered glass has been hot. Look for groups of suspended fish holding near big pods of herring in the creeks 35 to 55 feet deep over slightly deeper bottom. Light leaders and small hooks are a must in November with the clearer water. You can find pods of fish from the upper river to the dam this month. In the rivers, we are fishing baits a bit shallower, 15 to 25 feet, and getting bit.”

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Walleye: Guide Eric Crowley reports, “Walleye are schooled up and holding near timber around big humps on the main lake. The 60-foot depth contour seems to be the most productive. Live bait and flutter spoons are the ticket. Don’t spend too much time in one place. If they don’t eat, move on to the next mark. The areas around Camp Branch and Doll Mountain are the areas to start looking on the main lake. Worley and Fisher Creek are fishing good, as well. Walleye and striper will prefer cloudy, pre-front overcast days to bright, sunny ones, and a little wind never hurt the bite in November. Bundle up and enjoy the lack of boat traffic.”

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