Carters Lake Fishing Report – November 2018

GON Staff | October 30, 2018

Carters: Level: Full. Temp: 72 degrees. Clarity: 3 to 4 feet.

Spots: Guide Eric Crowley reports, “As far as spots go, our best bite has been targeting deep fish near timber. The bigger fish seem to be in the 40- to 50-foot range and are targeting bait balls. A-rigs and jigs have been good options as of late. Camp Branch, Woodring and Ridgeway are always my go-to areas in November. As the temps drop and the water gets in the lower 70s, look for the spots to move up and start targeting larger baitfish.”

Stripers: Guide Eric Crowley reports, “Finally, we are out of the long, drawn-out summer pattern, and we are seeing fish on the move. Stripers are feeding on bait balls in 30 to 50 feet of water, and with the cooler water temps, it opens up a few different ways to target them. Early in the day, live bait is the key. Try fresh alewife, or later this month you can fish trout on planer boards with long leaders, or fish them on downlines in the 30-foot range. As the day progresses, the fish and bait will move down, and your baits should follow suit. Look for big schools of shad and herring balled up in the creeks and at the river mouth. You might not mark fish right away, but somewhere near that bait ball is a school of striped fish. Wurley Creek, Fisher Creek and the area around the beach are all good areas to check out this month.”

Walleye: Guide Eric Crowley reports, “Walleye are on the move to bait-filled creeks. We had a great run on walleye a few days ago, getting multiple fish multiple days in a row fishing live shad on the bottom near submerged timber near the main river channel. Look for more and more to show up this month.”

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