Carters Lake Fishing Report June 2017

GON Staff | June 1, 2017

Carters: Level: Full. Temp: 78 degrees. Clarity: Clear.

Bass: Guide Eric Crowley reports, “The spotted bass bite is pretty predictable in June with the fish not moving very far from key feeding locations throughout the day. They move more up and down than cruising the banks. The big spots are held up in 20 to 30 feet of water waiting on the bait schools to come by. If you find a good area, visit it several times throughout the day. It will more than likely have multiple fish holding on it.”

Stripers: Guide Eric Crowley reports, “The stripers are heading a little deeper, feeding early in the day and at night when it’s a little cooler. They are orienting more on deep structure rather than chasing bait up shallow like they were last month. Some of their favorite spots in June can be the humps, long points and the drop-offs by the big island in the mouth of the river. As far as rigging and techniques, keep is simple. Use a 1 1/2- to 2-oz. egg sinker, an 8-foot leader of 12- to 17-lb. line and a circle hook up to a 2/0. Live alewife or threadfin are the go-to bait in the summer time. Watch the sonar for schools of fish pinned to the bottom in the 30- to 60-foot range. You may have to hit them in the face with it a few times, but eventually these fish will eat.”

Walleye: Guide Eric Crowley reports, “The summertime walleye bite is a night bite, and it’s in full swing. We are catching a few nice fish every week on live baits fished in the 20- to 50-foot range under the Hydro Glow lights. Live baits on small hooks or live baits fished on a 3/8-oz. yellow, red or white jig head have been the way to go. Keep the baits on the bottom or just off the bottom. For artificial guys, the best results have been 3-inch spoons in perch or gold fished on 10-lb. braid with a 6-lb. leader. Fish in the 4- to 7-lb. class have been the norm.”

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