Carters Lake Fishing Report – June 2010

GON Staff | May 26, 2010

Carters: Level: 1.0 feet above full pool. Temp: 75-77 degrees. Clarity: Clear.

Bass: Louie Bartenfield said, “Fishing has been very good during the day throughout the month, and the night bite can be hit or miss, but when it’s there, it’s really good. I had a night last week that we boated 10-plus stripers/hybrids and close to 20 spots. But for me, I’d much rather fish during the day until we get into June. Fish 1/8-oz. jig-head worms rigged with 4- or 6-inch finesse worm. The Big Bite Squirrel Tail in a green-pumpkin-like color has been the best producer for numbers. Drop shots, 1/4-oz. Fish Heads, 200 series crankbaits, Scroungers and finesse jigs have all been working as well. There is still a very good topwater bite early in the morning and late evening if you hit the right areas. We’ve boated a lot of big spots on topwaters lately during the mornings. I’m focusing on main-lake humps and flats most of the day and have had better luck getting off the main lake after dark. I’m fishing 5 to 15 feet day and night.”

Eric Crowley reports, “The fish have been spread out all over the place for the last few months, but look for that to change in June. As the water warms, the fish will school up and get on schedule. This means when you find fish and figure out what time they are eating you can stay on them. This feeding time is crucial and can make or break a day on the lake. If you find a school of fish and they won’t eat, don’t assume it is your bait or your presentation. It is more then likely the wrong time of day. Look for fish in Camp Branch and around the beach. Also look down by the dam when they are moving water. Late in the day keep an eye out for large schools of baitfish schooling up on main-lake points. This will draw in the hybrids and smaller schoolie-sized stripers. If you are looking to catch fish on artificials, try a white fluke with a 3/0 extra-wide-gap hook. Live-bait guys try small gizzards or medium to large threadfins.”

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