Carters Lake Fishing Report – June 2009

GON Staff | May 27, 2009

Carters: Level: 0.3 feet above full pool. Temp: 70 degrees. Clarity: The lower end of the lake is clear; it’s a little stained on the north end.

Bass: Zack Foster reports, “May is always a great month for fishing, but it tends to taper off toward the end. I caught a lot of fish early in the month during the day, and that bite has really gone away. The best fishing became later in the evening and early in the morning. In the mornings, I like to throw something with some action like a fluke or crankbait. In the evenings, I like to slow it down some with a finesse worm with lighter slip sinkers like a 1/8-oz. The color is a big concern. The fish seem to change what they like from week to week in the summer. I start out with a watermelon red and work my way to a pumpkin-seed color. Staying close to the rocks is key for me in June. Up the river around the island and around Ridgeway Creek are great spots. Throw on the rocks, drag the Texas-rigged worm off and let it slowly drop to the next rock. The bass will ambush it, and you should put some nice spots in the boat in June.”

Linesides: “I was over there last week and had three or four fish in the boat, and the best one was 16 pounds,” said guide Robert Eidson. “They’re back out of the rivers and ready to eat. They’re starting to set up on a summer pattern right now.” Robert will concentrate his fishing efforts using downlines on the main-lake humps down by the dam and at the mouths of Camp Creek, Harris Branch and Woodring. “These are great areas,” said Robert. “The key is 30 feet. There is also a real good topwater bite all the way in the back of Woodring and at the boat ramp at Doll Mountain right at sun-up.” Robert has been throwing a 4-inch X-caliber crankbait with a white feather on the rear hook for this early morning bite. “They destroy it,” he said. “Also, don’t overlook the pumpback. Right now they’re not pumping back because the lake is above full pool, but when they start pumping back, those threadfin are going to start running the rip-rap at the dam. Those stripers are going to be right there with them.” For downlines, Robert is using gizzard shad. “You can go between the “No House Boat” sign and the shoals, throw your cast net and get all the gizzard shad you want right now. Bait is really easy to get up there.” Robert added that you can pick up some fish pulling U-rigs 145 feet behind the boat at 3.1 mph. He uses the Mack Farr U-rig with nine, 1/2-oz. baits.

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