Carters Lake Fishing Report – July 2020

GON Staff | June 27, 2020

Carters: Level: Full pool. Temp: 80-82 degrees. Clarity: Clear.

Linesides: Guide Eric Crowley reports, “Until this week we have been targeting fish in no more than 30 to 35 feet of water. Small schools of three to four fish have been the norm for stripers. The bigger fish have all come on big alewives on flatlines. Watching fish come up off the bottom to crush a terrified bait is hard to beat. The hybrids are more prone to successfully eat smaller baits, so if you’re in the creeks chasing hybrids, try threadfins in the 3- to 4-inch size. Slightly weighted flatlines are my go-to setup early and lightly weighted downlines with long leaders after daylight.”

Walleye: Guide Eric Crowley reports, “The walleye are out on the main lake and feeding. These fish are in schools and cruising the points waiting on schools of bait to swim by. Slow natural presentations with live or artificial baits have been key. Sometimes just letting live bait swim around and find the fish is the best approach. These fish are not aggressively chasing bait, instead mostly just waiting on the bait to come to them. As the temps warm up, we do more and more night trips. Fishing over the Hydro Glow lights is always a good time. Having fresh bait is key. This is where having a quality livewell is a must. A quality heavy net like the Humpback will make quick work of the bait catching task. Keep a good variety of sizes in the well for the day.”

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