Carters Lake Fishing Report – January 2009

GON Staff | January 5, 2009

Carters: Level: 1.3 feet below full pool. Temp: 53 degrees. Clarity: Clear except for a light stain up the river.

Buddy Callahan at Bart’s reports that Texas rigs and jigs still remain a strong pattern. For worm colors, he says sweet potato and morning dawn are working. “Most fish are in the 20- to 25-foot range,” said Buddy. “Also locate the DNR structures, and drop a spoon or a drop shot.” Zack Foster said the Saturday tournaments have been producing some 15- to 18-lb. bags. “With water temperatures in the 50s, throw jerkbaits such as a silver X-Rap. This will work on the underwater humps and points. For finesse fishing, hit the rock bluffs up the river with a pumpkin-seed jig ’n pig or work a shaky-head jig with a green-pumpkin Zoom Finesse worm. Spoons and drop shots have been working in the mouths of creeks and cuts up the river in 35 feet of water.”

Linesides: Excellent, according to guide Robert Eidson. “We’re catching seven to eight fish a day, but they are big fish. There’s a good chance you’re going to catch a true trophy striper or trophy hybrid right now. Wurley Creek is hot. Fish one-third of the way back using planer boards and flatlines with trout, and gizzard shad are working great,” Robert said. “Trolling u-rigs is also working good over the humps and points from Wurley Creek down to Fisher Creek. The hump in front of the marina has been good. All the mid-lake to southern end creeks are good. I haven’t been fishing up the river because it’s been muddy — I’m sure there are fish up there though.” Steve Black said he’s been catching good numbers and size trolling live trout in the 15- to 25-foot range. The bite has been good up the river around the islands.” Buddy said lots of anglers are catching big stripers. “Thanks to all the striper fisherman for the greatest trout sales we have ever had,” he said. “Lots of big stripers, 20-plus pounds, have been caught with these trout. Planer boards, balloons and flatlines have begun to account for more stripers. This bite is somewhat late. I weighed a 26.25-lb striper for Lee Weaver; the next day he caught a 8.38-lb. walleye on a trout. Both fish were caught on a flatline.” Buddy said the stripers should soon begin to move up the river and to backs of the creeks.

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