Carters Lake Fishing Report – August 2006

GON Staff | July 25, 2006

Level: 6.0 feet low. Temp: 80-85 degrees. Clarity: Fairly clear since an algae bloom has backed off.

Bass: Poor. Buddy Callahan said, “The topwater is so poor it’s almost non-existent. We’re having seven to eight pounds of fish winning tournaments. The bass moved to the deeper water and you’ll find them in the 15-30-foot range. Look toward the DNR structures again this month. Drop-shot rigs and lead-head worms are your best bet. Green pumpkinseed and Roboworm’s oxblood light are good colors to try. This pattern doesn’t look like it will change much next month unless the weather cools off.”

Poor. “You can fish all night and maybe catch two or three fish. The main lake humps and channels in 40 to 60 feet of water is where to be. Bream and gizzard shad are what the few that have been caught are biting,” said Buddy.

Good. Buddy said, “A few guys are producing nice catches of hybrids on medium minnows. They are downlining the creek runs. Watch your graph and look for the schools if you can’t see them chasing shad.”

Catfish: “Most any of the pockets are holding catfish. They’re biting really good right now. Folks are bringing in flatheads and channels, fishing everything from live bream to cut-baits. The re-regulation part of the lake spillway is producing good catfish as well,” said Buddy.

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