Carters Lake Fishing Report – April 2023

GON Staff | March 29, 2023

Carters: Level: 1.1 feet above 1074. Temp: 55-58 degrees. Clarity: Clear.

Bass: Guide Louie Bartenfield, of Carters Lake Guide Service, said that April is spawning month. “It may be hard to see spots on their deeper beds, but lots of males will be protecting fry in the spawning areas in pockets and flat clay banks after the full moon on April 6 and all during the rest of the month. They will hit weightless flukes, Trick Worms and wacky-rigged stick baits. If you catch a male guarding fry, please release it to go back to protecting your future catch! Keep topwater walking baits and Pop-Rs ready to cast to shad and herring spawns on flat points and shady banks. It is often best right at daybreak, but overcast days will make the bite last longer. Also, be ready to fall back to a swimbait or jerkbait if the bass just do not want to hit on top,” Louie said.

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Walleye: Eric Crowley, of Lake and Stream Guide Service, reports, “March was a great month on Carters. Despite a few big cold fronts, the fishing has remained good for all species. We have had some great nights of walleye fishing the last few weeks with the water temps in the mid 50s. The water temps hit 60 last week, and the lake has really come alive. The bait is frisky, and the annual bait spawn event is about to kick off. This will bring fish up shallow looking for an easy meal in the evenings. This is great time to fish jerkbaits, flukes and topwater baits for walleye and stripers. For daytime walleye fishing, look for fish holding in 25 to 35 feet of water near rocky shorelines or under schools of baitfish holding offshore. This is a great time to fish spoons vertical or slow-troll crankbaits, keeping the baits right above the fish. Fish a Nichols MOJO spoon or 1/2-oz. Krocodile or Hopkins spoons. Color preference will change day to day with water conditions.”  

Linesides: Eric Crowley, of Lake and Stream Guide Service, reports, “The stripers and hybrids are in the creeks chasing bait, and it’s a great time to catch them. Live, freshly caught bait is always a good option on Carters. Get started early and catch enough to fish with. Catching bait is as easy as tossing a Hydro Glow green light in the water and waiting a few minutes for them to show up. Flatlines, downlines and planer boards are effective. As far as terminal tackle goes, we stick with light leaders and smaller circle hooks on most of our setups.”

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