Allatoona Crappie Fishing Report – July 15, 2023

Reader Contributed | July 15, 2023

Robert DeHaas said not every brushpile has crappie on it, but don’t give up on the ones without fish. You may circle back and get bit a little later.

Robert DeHaas, lure-maker with Red Rooster Custom Baits and an OG from “Team Geezer,” reports, “On Tuesday, the water temperature was 83.2 degrees. I was in the Victoria area and the water clarity was a little murky with the summer rain. I was on the water at daylight, but the early bite was not there . The bite didn’t show up until after 8 a.m. I went back and looked at the GON Astrotables and the major feeding times was from 6:45-9:45. It’s hit or miss with only some brushpiles having active fish. Don’t totally give up on the non-active brushpiles, but go back and check them throughout your time on the water, and you may catch them the next drop. The brush that’s in 20 to 22 feet of water is the best. The fish holding at 12 feet are the ones biting. We are using 3/32-oz. jig heads or 1/16-oz. jig heads with a larger split-shot pinched 18 inches above the jig. Natural color jigs like gray ghost and baby blue herring are my choices. Remember to go early and leave by 11 a.m. Or evening bite is still good. Make sure you hydrate, it’s hot out.

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