Allatoona Bass Report – April 19, 2024

GON Staff | April 19, 2024

Madalen Driver with an Allatoona bass.

Level: 1.1 feet above 840. Temp: 67 degrees and rising. Expect it to be around 70 by Saturday, April 20. Clarity: Clear.

Bass: Tournament angler Matt Driver reports, “This weekend will be a great weekend. The topwater bite is firing up due to the warm week. The shad spawn is in the beginning stages, and the bass are keying on shad. Typically, you will see shad spawning on the surface, especially on rip-rap, boat docks and even on red clay banks. This surface activity should go on for the first hour of the morning. My favorite baits for this bite is a jerkbait and a walking topwater bait, like a Zara Spook.”

Three Stages Of Allatoona’s April Bass

“There are still a few bass on the bed, but a good bit of fish are already in the postspawn phase on secondary points and blowdowns,” Matt said. “A jerkbait, like a Mega Bass Oneten, is hard to beat for numbers right now. If the jerkbait bait slows, the Ned rig is producing good numbers and some size. I’m using a 1/8-oz. Picasso Rhino Ned with a Fishco Lil Deuce 2.75 in craw orange swirl. Have fun and take a kid with you.”

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