The GON Parking Lot

Erika Cochran | January 10, 2019

Crazy thing happened to me over the holidays.

I met GON freelance writer Donald Jarrett in the GON parking lot. That’s alone is not crazy, but the happenstance, circumstances and connections turned that random meeting into something very special.

I also met his Donald’s son Devereaux. Still not getting it?

If I didn’t walk out of the GON office when I did, I would have never met them, and the connections we made that day would have never happened.

Donald introduced himself to me and was actually looking for editor Brad Gill, as he wanted to introduce Devereaux to him. Since our meeting in the parking lot, Devereaux has been deployed overseas.

I had to sadly say, “You missed him by an hour or two. He is headed home for lunch and then to climb up a tree later in hopes to fill his freezer.”

We talked a little about Brad, and we talked about what I exactly do at GON, which is difficult to explain sometimes because I do a little bit of everything. We also talked about hunting and the hunting season. It isn’t until they were about to leave that I asked Devereaux a question about a family friend who I knew was serving our country in the military.

“Do you happen to know Alex McNure?”

“You know McNure? How do you know McNure? He stays two bunks over from me!”

The connection was made that Devereaux knows Alex! What a small world we live in. I was amazed at the fact that a stranger I just met knew someone I knew.

We talked about care packages and what they would prefer to be sent while they are overseas. Donald jokingly mentioned his and Devereaux’s wish list of new rifles and hunting equipment. In the midst of the conversation, I mentioned that I had no idea Alex, who is a family friend, was into hunting until this past season. I mentioned the plans Alex and I made of taking him hunting when he gets back, so he has something to look forward to. Devereaux actually mentioned them going hunting together, as well, as they learned that they live closer to each other than they thought.

The thought of meeting someone unintentionally and making the connection we did doesn’t always happen like it did that day. I could have not asked them about Alex if they had not stopped by to see Brad, but everything happens for a reason. I also might have not walked out of the door when I did. The “could not have’s” are endless.

This deer season sadly ends this Sunday, but boy do I have something sweet to look forward to this next season. It won’t be just about my second season of bowhunting and learning new things. It will be about taking Alex hunting, a great guy who once helped me through a tough time, and celebrating the fact that he and his brigade will be back on American soil.

Until then, I will prepare for next deer season. I’ll be e-mailing Alex trail camera pictures to get him fired up.

Please join me in as I pray for the safe return of the entire 48th Brigade and for the families of the 48th who will be missing their loved ones.

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