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Lake Jackson Photos Reveal Giant Slabs From 1971

The crappie fishing on Lake Jackson 48 years ago on Easter weekend may have been the best ever reported, anywhere in this state and at anytime! In fact, it’s very reasonable to speculate that during a four-day fishing trip from April 10-13, 1971, amongst a trio of brothers, at least one state-record crappie, maybe two,…

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Bass Tournament Rumors Of Skeeter Cheaters Silenced

  After 20 years in the outdoor industry, it still amazes me that when someone has a great hunting or fishing accomplishment, the immediate thought is that they were cheating or doing something illegal. I got a call this morning from David Freeman, general manager of Boating Atlanta. David is also the tournament director for…

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The Culprit Behind Weeds, Thistles and Thorns

I was recently reminded about the need for wildlife management while spending the first weekend of January involved with some pretty heavy-duty doe management on a 4,300-acre farm in Lee County. When I rolled up to Rock House Farm north of Leesburg, it was like no place I’d ever been. Upon arrival, I met Clay Martin,…

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Hunting Traditions Have Little To Do With Slinging Lead

I’m a husband, dad, GON employee, director of 30-30 Ministries, Sunday School teacher, Fellowship of Christian Athletes Character Coach…. man, life is busier than it’s ever been for me, and I’m not seeing much change from that path in the future. Love where God has me, so don’t take the above as complaining, just stating…

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Work Sabbatical Does A Hunter Good

My sabbatical away from a GON desk and the 9-5 Monday-Friday grind has come to a close. When I came to work for GON in 1998, I was a single man and hunted or fished pretty much every weekend of the year. But then came the wife in 2002, the first kid in 2004, the second…

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Teen Deer Hunter Has Holy Spirit Moment

I experienced something on Sunday, Dec. 16 that I bet most deer hunters have never seen before. There was a group of 20 or so of us winding down from a weekend of deer and hog hunting with 30-30 Ministries in Houston County. Our five Camper kids had done well, taking two bucks, three does…

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Saying Goodbye To The Blazer

On Sunday, I had to say goodbye, not to a pet or even worse a friend or family member. This was just a monetary thing, but it was still sad to say goodbye. A man from Summerville, who was accompanied by his 44-year-old son, left Putnam County the proud new owner of my dad’s 1974…

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Tracking Dog Call Leads To Hunter Morality Lesson

It was just past sunset on Monday, Nov. 26 when a call came in from my associate pastor Josh about a Putnam County deer he couldn’t find. I started in on my usual line of questioning when someone calls in need of my little tracking dog, Lilly. “Gun or bow? In a stand or on the…

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