Teen Deer Hunter Has Holy Spirit Moment

Right at Christmas, this 17-year-old boy displays an act of grace and love.

Brad Gill | December 20, 2018

I experienced something on Sunday, Dec. 16 that I bet most deer hunters have never seen before.

There was a group of 20 or so of us winding down from a weekend of deer and hog hunting with 30-30 Ministries in Houston County. Our five Camper kids had done well, taking two bucks, three does and a big boar hog.

30-30 Ministries campers from the Houston County Deer Camp (from left): Levi Carter, Tyler Sharp, Ben Couey, Brady Thomas and Tallon Taggart (kneeling).

We had just finished lunch and were fixing to have our closing ceremony, which always culminates with one of our lucky campers winning a gun. One of our five would leave Houston County the winner of a new 7mm-08 deer rifle.

The names of each of the five boys were put into a small bucket, and the winner was drawn. As the name was kept hidden and handed to Chuck Hester with 30-30 Ministries, he took the first look at the name, built the suspense for a few seconds and then announced the winner.

It was Brady Thomas, 17, of Clarkesville, Ga.

Everyone clapped as Brady stepped forward to shake Chuck’s hand. However, Brady did something unexpected when he stood up. He addressed the crowd of hunters…

“We’ve been thinking about Tyler and how he gave his life to Jesus this week, and it’s just real touching to all of us, and we decided as a group that we wanted him to have the gun,” said Brady.

Brady wasn’t the only young man feeling generous. There were several others who had gotten together prior to the drawing and agreed on this plan to make sure Tyler went home with the gun.

“Not a dry eye in the house,” said Michael Turk, a local youth pastor at Grace Church of Perry, who helped share the Gospel at the Deer Camp.

After watching this entire weekend unravel and then end with a selfless display of affection for another person, I say with confidence that it was a movement of the Holy Spirit that allowed this scene to play out like it did. It was a picture of what Jesus did on the cross for us.

I always say that if I had to come up with a story like this, I’d mess it up every time. I’m so thankful to see God work in lives last weekend. It’s the best Christmas present ever.

Merry Christmas!

Brady Thomas, 17, Clarkesville, with a 6-point he shot in Houston County. He kneels with his dad Mitchell (left) and hunting guide Wes Williams.

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