Truck-Buck Week 5 Results 2018-2019

Final results after Tifton and Madison scoring events. Winner will be contacted.

GON Staff | March 1, 2019

Week 5 (Oct. 6-12)
1. Dale Henson (c), Barrow County, *149 6/8
2. Zane Fraser (c), Lee County, 127 4/8
3. Blake Fulbright (b), Morgan County, *137 4/8
4. Forrest Ryan (b), Pike County, 119 1/8

Key: * non-typical, (b) bow, (c) crossbow

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* To compare and rank typicals vs. non-typicals, divide the score into the Boone & Crockett minimums for the B&C all-time record book — 170 for typicals and 195 for non-typicals to get a percentage.

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