photo of a deer killed by Wyatt Holtonphoto of a deer killed by Wyatt Holtonphoto of a deer killed by Wyatt Holton

Hunter: Wyatt Holton

Points: 14 (8L, 6R)

County: Lee

Season: 2023-2024

Hunt Story

We had this buck on trail cams from last season, but decided to let him go thinking he needed another year to put on some more inches. We didn't have any pictures this summer of him until about two weeks ago when he finally showed up. After looking at the pictures we decided the buck was old enough for my son to go after him for his trophy for the year. We hunted other areas during youth season week because the wind wasn't right for us to go into the area where the buck was, but as soon as we saw a west wind was coming for Saturday afternoon we went in to hunt him. Spending an hour or so waiting in the stand, the buck finally made his way into the pines. He stayed behind brush with some other does and bucks for about 45 minutes, so we couldn't get a shot on him. He finally got behind a doe heading towards a field to feed and gave Wyatt a perfect 60-yard shot. The buck ran about 75 yards and piled up. Extremely fun hunt with my son and hopefully many more to follow with my kids!
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