photo of a deer killed by Missy Cheeksphoto of a deer killed by Missy Cheeksphoto of a deer killed by Missy Cheeks

Hunter: Missy Cheeks

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Bartow

Season: 2022-2023

Hunt Story

Missy and I put out 3 trail cameras October 20 of this year, one facing our feeder and food plot and 1 each to the ridges on each side of it. None of the cameras are more than 60 yards apart. She had hunted the afternoon of October 27th and when I talked to her before she went in the woods I said if you think about it, pull the sd cards and we'll check the pictures tonight on the computer. We saw probably 7-8 different bucks including the one she harvested and another mature 8-pointer. I normally leave for work around 7 every morning and about the time I was getting ready to leave she said "I think I'm going to put my camo on and go sit in the ground blind." I said the feeder goes off at 7:15. "That's okay I'm just going to take my time and ease back there. We were both excited from seeing the deer in the pictures and after I had got to work, I was showing the pictures to my friends from my cellphone and at 9:28 she texted me and said "I got him." I called her right then and she said, she had just shot him around 9:25 and was wondering should she go and check him since he fell right there where he was shot and I said yes you should. He'd never moved, She dropped him in his tracks with my Weatherby Vangaurd 30/06. It was about a 75 yard shot broadside through the right shoulder. She had to watch him for about 10 minutes before he presented a shot she felt comfortable with. The buck is a main frame 10 pointer with sticker on it's G-2 on the right side. The G-4 is broke off on the right side and on the left side its brow tine is broke about 2 inches from the base. It's really heavy horned and the bases are just Huge! I would guess he's 5 years old and probably dressed out 175 lbs. Incredible body and we can't wait to get him back from the taxidermist and get him scored and put on our wall. I am So Happy for My Wife!!! This is her biggest deer so far. What is even more amazing to me is seeing it on camera one night and harvesting it the next morning.
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