photo of a deer killed by Maggie Leviephoto of a deer killed by Maggie Leviephoto of a deer killed by Maggie Levie

Hunter: Maggie Levie

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Macon

Season: 2023-2024

Hunt Story

I have been attempting to harvest this deer for two seasons. Last year, I had one encounter of him but couldn't get a good shot. I have had lots of game cam pictures of him over the past five years that my Dad and I have been watching him grow. Yesterday, my Dad and I were at our pecan cleaning plant until about 5:00, we realized that we didn't have any camouflage but my Dad managed to find one camo shirt and two orange vests in our hunting closet at the farm. My Dad dropped me off at the stand and he noticed the wind wasn't right for the stand that he was going to sit at, so he asked me if he could hunt with me. I said, sure, come on Dad! After being in the stand for about 15 minutes, ten does and two small bucks come out. Twenty minutes later, we heard a deep, loud grunt. We knew it was a big mature buck. We then heard antlers rattling in the woods and two deer fighting, followed by two more deep, loud grunts. All of a sudden, he came rushing out of the woods. I knew it was him by his beautiful white shoulder. He was chasing does and finally he stopped and I had a good shot! He ran off like nothing happened, I was wondering if I had hit him, but I felt like I had made a good shot. When we were walking through the woods, about 30 yards away from where he was standing when I shot him, I saw his white shoulder lying on the ground. I ran towards him in excitement. I cried tears of joy knowing I had him after all the time I spent hunting him. This will be an afternoon that I will never forget and I'm thankful that I got to enjoy it with my Daddy.
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