photo of a deer killed by Lindsay Paulphoto of a deer killed by Lindsay Paulphoto of a deer killed by Lindsay Paul

Hunter: Lindsay Paul

Points: 23 (10L, 13R)

County: Jasper

Season: 2022-2023

Hunt Story

My first double and first non-typical in one sitting. Monticello, GA - Jasper County ------- My husband went out of town on a hunting trip to Illinois, but I decided to travel to hunting camp anyway traveling from our home in Auburn, GA to Monticello, GA to roll the dice because I knew the rut was in full swing. I decided to sneak in to the blind about 4:30 pm and get set up for the evening. Around 5:25 pm the first buck appeared from the edge of the wood-line and I sent a .270 round straight to his left shoulder and successfully harvested him. He dropped under the feeder without taking a step. The second buck entered the field about 3-5 minutes later and I decided to send another round, because those type of GA trophies do not appear together during the same sit (usually). Thankfully, I successfully harvested two beautiful bucks that evening (while my husband was chasing bucks in Illinois.) To say that was a memorable hunt, personal accomplishment, and bucket list evening would be an understatement. I look forward to these two hanging in our home. *I have included the larger buck's SCI Green Score that was measured this afternoon 11/18 by Master Measurer, Matthew Taylor. 10-pt Mainframe (Typical Score 149 3/8”) 23pt Non-Typical ( Non-Typical Score 173 2/8”)
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