photo of a deer killed by Jason Stoughtonphoto of a deer killed by Jason Stoughtonphoto of a deer killed by Jason Stoughton

Hunter: Jason Stoughton

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Cobb

Season: 2023-2024

Hunt Story

On Thursday, September 14th, I was hunting a familiar suburban area of private land in Cobb Co. that I have had access to bow hunt for several years. I had been watching three decent bucks on camera since June, two of which I recognized from the 2022 year that I did not shoot last year. Having been winded by a small 6-point on opening day, I squandered the opportunity to arrow the largest of the three bucks, a perfect 130+” 10-pt, broadside at 18 yds. just as I was drawing my bow. I told myself as I approached my stand the evening of September 14th, I would shoot any of the three bucks given the opportunity to do so. At 6:30p, the smallest of the three bucks, a narly-racked 10-pt, came in to feed 25 yds from my stand with the same 6-pt that tipped me off on opening day. This time, I had moved my stand location to another tree, and was able to get a perfect shot off and harvest my 1st buck of the year.
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