photo of a deer killed by Harrison Strangephoto of a deer killed by Harrison Strangephoto of a deer killed by Harrison Strange

Hunter: Harrison Strange

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Bibb

Season: 2022-2023

Hunt Story

I shot this deer on November 3. It was pretty warm and slightly overcast but I decided to hunt anyway. I got into the stand about 4:50 and got settled. About 5:35 I saw a young doe come out about 90 yds behind me, she eventually worked her way down to toward me. A few minutes later, around 5:50, I looked back and there he was making a scrape about 100 yds behind me. When he was done, he looked down toward me and saw the doe and started running in my direction towards her. He ended up about 15 yds from my lock-on and stopped next to the creek and made a rub for about 5 minutes. Then he crossed the creek and walked directly under me and looked around for about 2 minutes. Then he started walking toward the oak trees in front of me, straight downwind and turned broadside, then turned slightly quartered away and I drew back, took a deep breath, put the pin right behind the ribcage and let it fly. He took off running and stopped about 40 yds at the edge of the woods and started wobbling back and forth, then took a few steps in the woods and ran what sounded like about 50 yds into the woods. Then I heard what sounded like him crashing but I wasn’t for sure so I told dad I would rather hold off and go back in later just in case it was further back than expected. We decided to help a friend track another buck and come back the next morning. We went back in early the next morning with my dog Blue and found him dead within 50 yds from the edge of the woods. The arrow had gone in behind the ribcage and came out the opposite shoulder. Thank You Lord for a great hunt.
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