photo of a deer killed by Harrison Strangephoto of a deer killed by Harrison Strangephoto of a deer killed by Harrison Strange

Hunter: Harrison Strange

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Schley

Season: 2021-2022

Hunt Story

Harrison has been hunting for several years but started bow hunting two years ago. He killed a doe with it last year hunting solo. This year we were hoping to get his first bow buck on video, but after a couple of hunts we split up. Harrison went to an area where we had a couple of nice 8s in hopes he could get a chance at one. They both showed up and he had to decide which one was the more mature deer, make the decision to shoot, and execute the shot. Without dad being there to coach through the shot, he made all the right decisions, ranged him at 25, settled the pin, and squeezed off. His post intel was spot on by saying he thought he hit a little low and forward as the deer moved slightly as the shot was executed. Then the fun part of tracking came with the help of two uncles Jed, Josh, and ol trusted nose “Blue.” After roughly 200 yards and a good blood trail, he was recovered and the at-a-boys and high fives started. From killing his first deer at age 6, to his first buck with a bow at 14, it is hard to imagine how fast time is flying. If you are a dad reading this, enjoy those kids, teach them to follow Christ, and don’t take for granted the short time you have with them. Thank you, Lord, for our freedoms in this Country and for blessing us with this memory. Harrison, I’m proud of you son.
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