photo of a deer killed by Hannah Johnsonphoto of a deer killed by Hannah Johnsonphoto of a deer killed by Hannah Johnson

Hunter: Hannah Johnson

Points: 16 (8L, 8R)

County: Worth

Season: 2023-2024

Hunt Story

I have been after this deer since last year. I actually shot this buck last year, but my bow string was messing up and made my peep turn when I pulled back on him. We followed a blood trail a little ways, then pulled out and called my friend and got with his dogs. They got on the trail and followed him a good ways, and then end up jumping him, and we never got back on him after that. I was crushed. A few weeks went by, and he finally showed back up on camera, but that was the only picture I got I never saw him again until the week before opening bow season this year. I got a few random pictures of him at odd times of the day until Friday the 15th. He showed up at 7:30 PM. I was actually unable to go that afternoon but went the weekend and saw nothing and went a few afternoons in the week after work. But something told me Friday the 22nd was going to be the day, and he showed back up at exactly 7:30 PM again and 7:32 is when I took my shot. I was actually watching a good 10-point and was getting ready to pull back on him when I saw him in the corner of my eye at the corn pile I put out just before I climbed the tree. It was just meant to be... after I shot him I knew I had a little low and toward the guts, so I immediately got down and found my arrow at the corn pile. I could tell it was gut shot, so I went ahead and got out of there and called my friend Scott with his dogs and told him what I thought the kind of shot it was, and he told me to wait eight hours, so we did. He was there at 3 AM and we found the deer by 3:45, he was about 200 yards from where I shot him dead. It was an awesome feeling to get my hands on this deer.
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