photo of a deer killed by Eli Castonguayphoto of a deer killed by Eli Castonguayphoto of a deer killed by Eli Castonguay

Hunter: Eli Castonguay

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Wilkes

Season: 2021-2022

Hunt Story

We had been getting this buck on trail cameras since September, and I had wanted to put him on the ground ever since. Anyway, after an incredibly boring morning, me and my mom went to a food plot that my family refers to as "the turn-around" for the afternoon hunt. Not long after we got in the stand, we saw a spike and a little 3 pointer chasing a few does around in the front of the food plot. We sat and watched patiently as the little bucks tried to grunt and chase. It must have been 30 minutes later when out of the back of the food plot, a doe came trotting out with her tail hung high as a flag. My mom whispered to me that she was probably in heat and that a buck might be chasing behind her. The doe, not very interested in the 3-pointer, veered off into the woods. A few seconds later, a giant pair of yellow horns came bursting out of the woods! It wasn't long before I knew he was a shooter because when I looked through the scope, I could tell that it was the split G2 buck! I whispered to my mom that it was him, and she became as shaky and excited as I was. He was hot on that doe's trail, and he was headed right towards us! My mom told me to take any good kill shot that I had, so the second he started to turn broadside, I took the shot! He did the ol' jump kick, as my dad calls it, where the deer jumps in the air and kicks their hind legs. This is often a sign of a vital shot. After a few seconds had passed and we heard the buck crash in the woods not far from us, me and my mom were on cloud 9! We were trying to be quiet, but we were just too excited. We were texting my dad and uncle, and they were also very excited. Soon after me and my mom had climbed down the stand, we found the impact site. From there, we tracked him about 75 yards, and that's when we found him!
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