photo of a deer killed by Clements Barnesphoto of a deer killed by Clements Barnesphoto of a deer killed by Clements Barnes

Hunter: Clements Barnes

Points: 11 (6L, 5R)

County: Meriwether

Season: 2023-2024

Hunt Story

The land is our old dairy farm near Warm Springs and consists of about 250 acres of some pasture and planted pines. Our club has six members and their families. We started feeding the deer about four years ago. We have seven feeders with a trail camera on each one. I have been watching this buck all summer long mostly at the feeder on the far west side of our lease. I had built a blind and set it up about mid-July with help from my brother who does not hunt but is very helpful with his tractor. I set up the blind 25 yards from the feeder and put two chairs in it. After getting hundreds of pictures of my 11-pointer at this location, I knew this was the spot. Opening morning, I sat there and didn’t see a single deer. That afternoon I got back to the blind about 3:30 p.m. It was very hot so I cut some small vent holes in the sides of the blind to let the breeze that was blowing in more. About 6:30, I decided to pick up my bow and get ready. Shortly after, I looked out of one of the vent holes and the buck was walking by less than 10 yards away. Yes, I got nervous, but he did not detect me and walked straight to the feeder. I drew my bow three times before I was able to get a good shot. When I took the shot, I saw the arrow (GOD bless lighted nocks) hit just behind his left shoulder, and he ran right back the way he came into thick planted pines. Not wanting to push him, I immediately called my son Michael and good friend Jody Bell and waited for them to get to my house. Fortunately, when we started tracking, we had only gone a short distance when Jody hollered, “Here he is”. He was 11 points with a 16-inch spread and 200 pounds on the hoof.
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