photo of a deer killed by Brady Vaughnphoto of a deer killed by Brady Vaughnphoto of a deer killed by Brady Vaughn

Hunter: Brady Vaughn

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Hart

Season: 2021-2022

Hunt Story

Started the morning hot and sweaty just trying to get in the stand due to the warm December weather. I wasn't expecting to see a lot due to the warmer weather but as daylight hit I had deer all around me as does and small bucks started moving back in the thicket. The first 45 minutes after daylight was good with lots of deer moving thru but the action seemed to slow as the sun came up. Had been sitting for a while with no activity when I looked up and a doe crossed the end of one of my lanes around 9:30 with this big boy right behind her. Took the shot and he disappeared behind some thick stuff. It was about a 240 yd shot so I was a little nervous from not knowing for sure that I hit him. I gave him about an hour and a half to lay and pray that he was down. Got down to where I shot him and he didn't make it 20 yards. Antler Creations taxidermy in Lavonia scored him at 169 3/8. Deer of a lifetime for me and I couldn't be happier!
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