2005 Mid-Georgia Beagle Club Field Trials

I’m proud of my beagles. They run their little hearts out, and they allow me to kill plenty of rabbits every year. All-in-all, they run real good. Reality check! On October 15 I covered a Mid-Georgia Beagle Club field trial in Jackson, and I saw some excellent hounds compete in a day full of exciting,…

Georgia Record Gobbler Beard Measures 17 7/8 Inches

Joey Scanlon, of Griffin, killed a Butts County gobbler on March 23, 2004 that sits on top of the National Wild Turkey Federation’s Longest Beard Eastern in Georgia list. The beard measured 17 7/8-inch long and is the No. 2 longest beard ever recorded from any species of turkey, according to the NWTF. Joey’s bird…

32-Year-Old Pickup Rack Makes Butts County Top-10

Paul Hall, of Duluth, was born and raised in Butts County. Back when he was growing up during the 40s and 50s, Paul’s father Rufus Hall ran a small country store on Highway 16 about 7 miles east of Jackson. The store was located at the corner of Thompson’s Ferry Road, then a dirt road…

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