Podcast: Ware County Cover Buck & New County Bow Record

Craig James | September 17, 2019

On Monday, Oct. 15, Jason Lee, of Waycross, arrowed the new No. 1 Ware County bow-kill. Hard work, long hours on the stand, and according to Jason, some last-minute luck all came together to bring down the legendary deer that had been nicknamed Flame.

Knowing he was in the right place, Jason starting hunting the area as soon as bow season opened. He was seeing lots of deer, but Flame continued to elude him. Then things changed when Flame made his first appearance on camera during daylight hours.

“I was excited to get in the stand on Monday, Oct. 15,” Jason said.

Shortly after daylight, Jason said a spike and a doe came in to feed on corn.

“The spike was nosing her and bumping her around real good, and then a young 8-point came in and ran him off,” said Jason. “After a while, the 8-point started looking back and acting real nervous.”

Then antlers appeared through the saplings, and Jason said he knew immediately it was Flame.

“The second I saw him, I about had a heart attack. I just hoped I would get a shot,” said Jason. “Flame continued to come closer, when suddenly the younger 8-point busted me. Knowing I didn’t have long, I quickly drew, aimed and let it rip.”

Jason smacked an oak tree with his first shot. Amazingly he was able to get a second shot on the new county bow record. Listen to Jason tell his amazing story.

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