Podcast: 50 Rattlesnakes In Hunt Camp

Brad Gill | September 10, 2019

GON subscriber Tommy Lathem recently did a little more cleaning up at the hunting camp than he had anticipated after he took a shovel and a shotgun and killed 50 rattlesnakes in a small woodpile within just 10 feet of his clubhouse.

“Every time you would move a board, there would be a baby snake or two,” said Tommy. “We just kept finding them. They didn’t really scatter, every once in a while one of them would try to get away. I had a feeling there had to be a big snake in there somewhere. It was 15 minutes before I heard one rattle. The big ones were in that pallet on the ground, and the little ones were intertwined in the wood. We got most of the wood off, and one of the big ones stuck its head out. I shot its head off. A few minutes later here came another one out. It ended up being three adults.”

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