Millennium Outdoors M360 Revolution Stand

The M360 Revolution features a swiveling seat for 360 degree views

Mike Rhodes | March 8, 2017

New for 2017 this innovative design allows outdoorsmen to get a complete perspective of their surroundings, making those difficult behind-the-tree shots easier. Hunters can make turns from every angle around the tree, providing a full range of motion and creating a clear sightline.

This one-of-a-kind, innovative tree stand also includes an ample 40-inch platform with a foldable seat, which provides space and ease for standing shots with no cables to trip over. The SafeLink system — Millennium’s standard for every hang-on and ladder stand — is featured in the M360 Revolution. The SafeLink system is a 35 feet long tree stand safety line with a Prusik knot and carabiner, designed for controlled ascension and descent to and from hang-ons, and ladder stands.

In addition to safety and visibility, the M360 Revolution is designed for comfort and quietness. The stand features the exclusive, patented ComfortMAX seat made of tight, lightweight PolyTech sling construction. With its durable, non-absorbent, non-stretch design, the ComfortMAX seat provides hours of on-stand comfort for hunters waiting in the wilderness.

To ensure a quiet, stealthy pursuit, the M360 Revolution also encompasses a SilentHunt design that includes bungie fasteners to quietly secure seats for standing shots. Most metal-to-metal contacts have been eliminated or dampened, allowing outdoorsmen to see their target before the target sees them. This aluminum and steel stand offers a 20-inch seat height for hunters to sit as they swivel for 360 degree views.

The M360 Revolution also offers unique accessories available for both gun and bow hunting. The Millennium G101 shooting stick mount, Primos trigger stick, platform mat and footrest are perfect companions to the M360 for a comfortable, encompassing perspective to help hunters land that perfect shot. With its unique and innovative swivel seat design, the Millennium M360 Revolution is the only one of its kind on the market, highlighting Millennium Treestands’ dedication to innovation and design.

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