JEBS Introduces New Line Of Choke Tubes

.410 and 28 Gauge Choke Tubes

Press Release | March 4, 2019

Since 2011, JEBS Chokes have manufactured the highest quality: Sporting Clay, Turkey, Upland and Waterfowl choke tubes available on the market to date. Made 100% in the U.S.A. & boasting a revolutionary interior-bore design, these patented choke tubes produce distinctly tighter patterns as well as providing one of the most advanced recoil-reduction systems known to man.

Just in time for turkey season and in their ever-increasing quest for excellence, JEBS has introduced its new line of .410 and 28 gauge choke tubes.

Designed and built under the same rigorous specifications and with the same proprietary restrictions as all the JEBS chokes. They have specifically developed these gauges to fit 99.9% of all shotguns on the market today and specific designs for turkey hunting, upland hunting and waterfowl hunting.

No matter the shooting sport, JEBS Chokes manufactures tubes that not only increase your  “shot” load on target, but produce a choke tube that novice and seasoned shooters alike can support …and always remember, your shotgun is ONLY as good as you choke tube. Trust us, if you shoot a JEBS Choke, you shoot the best!


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