Young Buck Taken Down By Pack Of Yotes

Do coyotes eat grown deer? Trail camera captures scene in Baldwin County.

Reader Contributed | October 1, 2011


By Kyle Wall

My brother and I had an interesting encounter on his trail camera in Baldwin County. I have pictures that show a pack of coyotes that actually kill a deer on camera.

I have two pictures of the small buck alive. Twenty minutes later, the same buck is dead in front of the camera with a pack of coyotes all over him.

The deer seems to have an injury to his back right ham in one of the pictures where he is still alive. We don’t know if the coyotes had already injured him or if he was injured in some other way.

We have at least 15 pictures of the coyotes feeding on the deer. This just shows that coyotes do work in packs, and if they can kill a deer this size, they can kill any deer that they want. Maybe something even bigger.

Makes me wonder the next time I hear the howl of a coyote when I’m leaving my deer stand after dark.

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