Worth County 170-Inch Buck Killed Off Gut Feeling

Jacob Drawdy had no idea a Fab 40 caliber 11-pointer was living behind his house.

Amber Roberts | January 10, 2017

On Dec. 1, Jacob Drawdy, of Sumner, killed a massive buck on his own private land that green scored a total of 169 4/8 inches. Thankfully, Jacob listened to his gut feeling, and it paid off with this huge Georgia buck.

After coming home from work that day, Jacob called his girlfriend and asked her to come hunt with him behind the house. She had to finish working, but Jacob decided to go hunting anyway.

The stand he decided to hunt was about 200 yards behind his house. He had a homemade lock-on set up in a sweetgum tree that was along a creek bottom on the edge of a thicket where the deer usually bed.

“It hadn’t been hunted in maybe a week and a half or so, so there wasn’t any pressure on the deer,” said Jacob. “I just had this gut feeling that I needed to go get in that stand for some reason.”

When Jacob got in the stand, he was playing games on his phone. Not even 20 minutes later, he heard a deer walking. He didn’t pay much attention to it because there were usually some does coming through at 5 or 5:30 every afternoon.

“I finally looked up and realized that it wasn’t a doe standing there,” said Jacob.

The giant buck came up from the thicket and was just following the edge of the creek. When he showed up, he was only 12 yards away from Jacob. When Jacob shot him, the buck ran about 10 yards and took a nose dive.

“It was definitely a surprise. I put a trail camera up before the season but took it down because a lot of deer are spooked by it. But I had never had any pictures of him,” said Jacob.

The main-frame 11-pointer is expected to net around 157 to 158 inches and should have no trouble making GON‘s Fab-40 list, which is the top 40 bucks taken in Georgia. The Fab 40 is published annually in the August issue of Georgia Outdoor News magazine.

Unfortunately, Jacob wasn’t a GON subscriber when he killed his Worth County buck. If it had been entered in the Truck-Buck contest, Jacob’s buck would have had a great chance at winning its week. Each week of deer season, GON gives away a Browning rifle or Mathews bow, and weekly winners earn a spot in the Truck-Buck Shoot-Out for a chance at a new Chevrolet pickup truck from John Megel Chevrolet and a Beast hunting buggy.


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